domingo, noviembre 18, 2012

Hi , it´s a long time that I don´t write in here.
I´ve been father of a little girl called Tessa, and I wanted to draw a pic dedicated to my childrens , David , and Tessa. They´re the light in my life.

lunes, julio 16, 2012

This is a personal project , just for dust off my cintiq 24 ;)

jueves, julio 12, 2012

miércoles, julio 11, 2012

The Troll is coming!!

viernes, junio 15, 2012

Cover for a new book. released soon!

lunes, febrero 20, 2012

martes, febrero 14, 2012

martes, enero 31, 2012

viernes, enero 27, 2012

domingo, enero 15, 2012

New calendars from USA

Aquí dejo , los nuevos calendarios , para los que he estado trabajando en los ultimos meses , la tematica es algo asi como , "Que pueden hacerse con esos..." refiriendose a los atributos femeninos .Mas de la mitad de lo recaudado ira para beneficio del cancer de pecho.
Gracias Jared , por hacerme participe de tan genial idea!

Here I let, the new calendars, for which I have been working in recent months, the topic is something like, "What can be done with those ..." referring to the feminine attributes. More than half of the benefits will go to the breast cancer.
Thanks Jared, for let me participate in such a great idea!

Mural 2x3 metros

Aqui dejo mi ultimo trabajo , el cual es para un stand dentro del programa cultural del cabildo de Tenerife:

Here´s my last work, this is for a tent within the council's cultural program Tenerife:

martes, diciembre 27, 2011

It´s on sale

Hi everyone , I would like to tell you that the videogame for ipad , in wich i´ve been working the last few months,it´s on sale in applestore.
I was in charge for backgrounds , characters and more.

I hope it gonna be successfull !

Hola a todos , me gustaria contarles que el videojuegos para ipad , en el cual he estado trabajando los ultimos meses , esta a la venta en applestore.
Mi mision fue la creacion del trabajo 2D , fondos , personajes , etc (excepto los menus) ;
Espero que tenga exito.

lunes, noviembre 14, 2011

My own web

This is my new web , (I have my own dominion.
Check a look! :

My little girl

Hi , Santa came a couple months before , and he leaves me this.
My dream came true!,

Thanks Jared!!

martes, octubre 11, 2011


I´ve been studing to the artist xiangyuan jie , his work impressed me , and I´ve tried to do a landscape of the island where I live Tenerife (it´s a bit fantasy) but I need to improve this skill.

viernes, agosto 26, 2011


I made this for a friends.

miércoles, agosto 10, 2011

Clouds sample

I did some clouds just for to train.

lunes, agosto 08, 2011

The Cook

Hi ,

I´ve just done this , it´s for a project that I´m working on.But I can´t show more stuff.
This is the web site :

martes, julio 26, 2011

viernes, julio 22, 2011


.This is my work way with Corel Painter
.Thanks to Sam Nielson , cause He taught me how to do it.